“I need a vacation from my vacation!” How many times have you said that upon returning home from your family vacation? That one you had circled on your calendar for a year. Where you spent hours planning so many fun activities for your kids. The vacation where you were finally going to get 20 minutes to spend cuddled with hubby and reconnect? You were on the ball this year! Then the flight got cancelled. Or the baby was cranky on the flight. Or that hotel was so not as nice as it looked in the listing. Or your teenager was “so bored” the entire time. Or all of the above, and after a week of trying to coordinate everything, and keep everyone happy…. you’re exhausted! But that’s what family vacations are like, right? WRONG!

My last family vacation, I got an entire day where I sat down and crocheted for over 2 hours! Yup, on a two family vacation with an my daughter (8 months), my son (10), my nephews (16, 10, and 6), my niece (6), my sister, and our husbands, I sat on my tush and crocheted! What was everyone else doing? The older boys were off zip-lining through the Smoky Mountains with their dads, the 6-year-olds and their mom were headed over to meet up with their brothers for some rafting, and the baby was taking a nap (of course I made sure to keep her up all morning so she would nap as long as possible while everyone was out)! When they returned home, I took the kids into the kitchen to make everything ice cream cones (complete with half the candy in the house), then sent them downstairs to watch TV and burn off the last of their energy while the adults enjoyed a couple of drinks. Crocheting or excess candy may not be your jam, but you deserve to spend time on your vacation relaxing, knowing that your family is having the time of their lives!

That’s what we provide to all our clients. As a travel concierge, Liguori Travel goes beyond booking your hotel and airfare or excursions within our network of suppliers. Each client receives a personalized and immersive experience anywhere in the world. Whether you want to ensure that your mixed age family can maximize their time at Disney or you’re concerned with dietary restrictions in a foreign country, we have you covered! We’ll work with you to create a the vacation of your dreams, communicating as much or as little as you want!

Want us to handle it all? We’ll take care of all the research and booking. You’ll get a final itinerary complete with all the information you could possibly need. All you have to do is show up!

Want more input in the planning process? We’ll touch base with you throughout the process with recommendations and suggestions. You tell us what you like or don’t like and we’ll adjust accordingly. You’ll receive a final itinerary with our agreed on plans, and all the information you’ll need on your trip.

Want to do the planning and just book with us? Drop us off your planned itinerary and we’ll review it to make sure you’re all covered before booking your vacation. 

No matter how involved you decided to be on your vacation planning,  you will receive a comprehensive itinerary of your vacation including:

  • Schedule
  • Accommodation information
    • Flight and Reservation Numbers
    • Contact Information
    • Addresses
  • Packing Recommendations
  • Weather Reports
  • Things You Should Know
    • Insight into Local Culture
    • Travel Considerations
    • Etc.

Once you’re on your vacation, you will have 24/7 access to me via phone or Voxer (an online messaging app) for any concerns or questions that may arise! 

Want more specialized services? For an additional fee, we offer the following add-ons

  • Scheduling groups (10+ people) of varying interests (groups that require 3 or more itinerary versions).
  • Dietary restriction management
  • Identifying and coordinating local medical resources
  • Pet care management (at home or abroad)
  • Door-to-door planning (includes all of the above, plus always ready chauffeur and as-you-go reservations and bookings)